Understanding The Rapture (Part 3)

The Church and Israel The Church vs. Israel (Replacement theology) Before we can understand what the purpose of the Rapture is, we must first understand the difference between the Church (Bride and Body of Christ) and Israel…as there are false teachings regarding this and state that The Church has replaced Israel….a word of warning….whoever believes … More Understanding The Rapture (Part 3)

The Holy Spirit and The Gift of Miracles

This is Part 7 of the Holy Spirit and His Gifts….This is regarding the Gift of Miracles. We get so caught up in everyday life, that we sometimes forget to see the miracles that surround us and I will go into detail on the difference of miracles and blessings. I hope you find this informative and keep it close to your heart so you can see the awesomeness of God … More The Holy Spirit and The Gift of Miracles