Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 4)

God’s Righteous Judgements “But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.” Amos 5:24 There are quite a few false teachings and misunderstandings regarding God’s judgements, and I hope this information can help others teach and be informed of scripture and help people to understand the truth. Scripture continuously teaches us … More Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 4)

Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 3)

Biblical Judgement Biblical judgement is the opposite of worldly judgement. This judgement is based on what God says is right and wrong……and as His servants we take scripture into consideration and make a judgement/ choice based on the teachings of the bible. This is where, we as saved servants of Christ, get our authority to … More Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 3)

Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 2)

Worldly (Human) Judgement We understand what the difference of righteousness and unrighteousness is (Part 1); now we need to go into the differences of biblical judgement and worldly judgement.  (I will go over worldly judgement first then move on to biblical judgement in Part 3.) The divisiveness of this subject has the majority of preachers, … More Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 2)

Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 1)

Righteousness and Unrighteousness This is a very in-depth subject/study because it is also (other than salvation) the utmost of importance for us to understand…..and yet, when you become saved you realize this really isn’t so hard to understand unless you are still living carnally in/of the world instead of in Christ. Before we can understand … More Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 1)

Understanding The Rapture (Part 3)

The Church and Israel The Church vs. Israel (Replacement theology) Before we can understand what the purpose of the Rapture is, we must first understand the difference between the Church (Bride and Body of Christ) and Israel…as there are false teachings regarding this and state that The Church has replaced Israel….a word of warning….whoever believes … More Understanding The Rapture (Part 3)

The Holy Spirit and The Gifts of Tongues and Interpretations

This will be Part 8 of The Holy Spirit and His gifts and the last part and conclusion of the series. There are many people who don’t fully understand this gift and can get confused about receiving it, so I hope this information helps in your journey of understanding The Holy Spirit. … More The Holy Spirit and The Gifts of Tongues and Interpretations

The Holy Spirit and The Gift of Miracles

This is Part 7 of the Holy Spirit and His Gifts….This is regarding the Gift of Miracles. We get so caught up in everyday life, that we sometimes forget to see the miracles that surround us and I will go into detail on the difference of miracles and blessings. I hope you find this informative and keep it close to your heart so you can see the awesomeness of God … More The Holy Spirit and The Gift of Miracles

Understanding Hell

Let’s start with….. Why Hell was created? Hell was created for Lucifer (Satan), the fallen angels, and the demons.  You see God created a place that was separate from the goodness of Heaven, the Holiness of God…because evil and sin cannot stand before a righteous, Holy, and perfect God…. “Then shall he say also unto … More Understanding Hell


Hello, and welcome to my blog Understanding The Word.  This is my very first blog so I am still in the process of learning about how all of this works. After lots of prayer time with the Lord, I have made the decision to create this blog. The reason for this blog is to create … More Introduction