My Beliefs….

Once Saved Always Saved – Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven

Pre-Tribulation Rapture- all saved will go along with children

Holy Trinity

Let me tell you a little bit about myself….

I have been saved for 26 years and still growing in the Word……I love the Lord and talking about Him with others.

I love to learn new things and if there is anything I don’t know about I quickly jump on the internet and research to find out. I enjoy watching documentaries and learning about history (much more now than when I was a kid, Ha)

I enjoy puzzles, reading, writing, and singing. I believe that music is important in worshiping the Lord and calming our spirits. I love flowers, nature, and animals.

Sometimes I sit quietly and am simply amazed at all the creations around me…..

Why I created Understanding The Word

I spent a lot (a lot) of prayer time with the Lord, I made the decision to create this site. (basically the Lord chastised me for not listening and putting this off for a long time.) I made every excuse I could until the Holy Spirit overwhelmed me one day…. so here I am…..and the enjoyment I am finding as been very surprising, but the Lord knows us better that we know ourselves.

The reason behind my blog is to create a place where people can come for information and guidance to help them understand the scripture of the bible about Jesus Christ. (I grow in the Lord myself more everyday.)

Seeing the way the world is and knowing the time, I felt more and more the pull of the Holy Spirit to get the word out that Jesus is coming soon.  It’s not just about that though, the Lord wants His sheep and the lost to know who He is.  The lost, He wants, (believers), to tell them He is their Savior.  His sheep; He wants us to want to grow in His word and understand who He is… so many of us grieve the Holy Spirit within us because we are caught up in the world and forget to spend time with the Lord,  but we seek Him, He has so much to teach us….

I am a person who cares if you go to Heaven or Hell, but I am only a messenger for the Lord and I am just an average everyday person who lives my life as best I can, albeit with the Lords help.

I hope the information here can be of help to both believers and unbelievers, because we are all on a journey to understand and grow in our knowledge of the world and God. For me you cannot separate the 2, but that is the purpose of my blog….to try to explain as best as I can through the Holy Spirit.

I can only hope that everyone comes here with an open mind and store the information given…..that is how the Holy Spirit works sometimes.