Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 4)

God’s Righteous Judgements “But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.” Amos 5:24 There are quite a few false teachings and misunderstandings regarding God’s judgements, and I hope this information can help others teach and be informed of scripture and help people to understand the truth. Scripture continuously teaches us … More Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 4)

Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 3)

Biblical Judgement Biblical judgement is the opposite of worldly judgement. This judgement is based on what God says is right and wrong……and as His servants we take scripture into consideration and make a judgement/ choice based on the teachings of the bible. This is where, we as saved servants of Christ, get our authority to … More Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 3)

Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 2)

Worldly (Human) Judgement We understand what the difference of righteousness and unrighteousness is (Part 1); now we need to go into the differences of biblical judgement and worldly judgement.  (I will go over worldly judgement first then move on to biblical judgement in Part 3.) The divisiveness of this subject has the majority of preachers, … More Understanding Righteous Judgement (Part 2)