Understanding Sin (Part 3)

“For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.” Philippians 2:21

A World of Sin

Everyone has heard “that’s a Sin!” at least once in their life…..and yet some people who throw that out there don’t even realize what Sin is, while others roll their eyes because they don’t take it seriously when someone is trying to tell them what they are doing is Sinful, immoral……and some people get so offended being told what they are doing is Sinful, they will find any way to keep you quite.  Even changing rules and laws so they don’t have to hear they are doing something wrong.

Mass confusion is abounding in the world because people have lost the meaning of what Sin is….it has become so skewed all because of man’s wants, man’s pride, and man’s greed.

Religions; either don’t teach Sin at all…or tickle the ears of those they want to please by only listing some Sin’s…..they are changing what Sin consists of instead of teaching what it is according to God.  They can use Sin as a control system, all the while promoting it openly in people’s lives……and because people do not read the bible in its entirety themselves…..believe what they are being taught.

We have a society today that doesn’t even know what is right or wrong….therefore how can they understand what is sinful and what isn’t…..why do they even want to know?….when being wrong and doing wrong doesn’t affect their conscience and doing wrong has no penalty that makes them ashamed.

To societies in the world today……..

  • Sin is going against who they truly are
  • Sin is telling the truth of Sin
  • Sin is not allowing children to make their own decisions
  • Sin is hurting peoples pride and feelings with the teachings of Jesus
  • Sin is following God

There are even saved Christians who become lost in the world because they are new believers…or believers who still want to believe certain things or ways of how they were taught or grew up hearing…they don’t like some Sin’s that are preached in the Bible….you have people that know the Bible teaches against certain Sin’s but because they have family members or friends who may fall into those categories, they stop believing in those things being done as a Sin against God….

So many people refuse to even read the Bible because they don’t like what it says….what it teaches about their own self….their own lives.

Children today are not even being taught what is right vs. wrong, why, would they be taught what is Sinful?  (I include even Saved Christians in this, as a lot of them are not teaching their Children how God would want them to be instead allowing them to become a part of this world.)

What Sin is……

Definition of Sin

“an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law;  To go astray…..; an action that is or is felt to be highly reprehensible; a vitiated state of human nature in which the self is estranged from God; to stray; to commit an offence.”

Sin…..is turning away from God to your own self….to your own beliefs….to your own wants.  It is choosing to separate yourself from your creator.

God , Sin, and Choice

The concept that God would come to earth and become a man just to die, is very hard for many people to believe because most of them don’t believe in the need because they do not believe in Sin….while others don’t believe in a God that cares enough about the human race because if He did, He wouldn’t allow such sinful, evil, and bad things to happen so why would He die for us when in fact He could just change us or start over…….

People do not like reading or even acknowledging the Scriptures of the Bible….Why?

Do you realize the purpose of the Bible? 

The scriptures are all about the mercy, love, the grace, the power of God, and the power of Choices……Why would God need to show us His Mercy, His Love, His Power, and Choice?

Because of the sinfulness inside of us…….this is why you can’t teach about Christ without first teaching of Sin……The whole reason God gave the scripture for us, was in fact to teach us about sin and His love towards His creation to save us from it…..for us to realize how much we do mean to Him…..and His Goodness

It is why you cannot ever preach or teach about God and the sacrifice of Christ…..without including or teaching about Sin…..and anyone who preaches differently is not of God.

Scripture is also to show us the destruction Sin will bring to us if we do not accept God as our Savior and King….this is why He told us what is to come….all the prophecies that will come to pass…..so we will know He IS God, and there WILL BE NO EXCUSES.

Temptation when you give in to it….(you can always turn away)….. is an opening for more, and the more you fall into temptation….the act of sin starts to manifest….as you continue in sin…..that sin eventually turns into iniquity….and then the iniquity soon turns in abominations…..

When you stay on this road…..you become an abomination unto God…because the sinning you have done has led you more and more into a depravity that God hates….

Again, let’s be very clear…that even saved Christians in their carnality can fall into a type of wickedness….however….Again, God…the Holy Spirit will only allow you to go so far before He pulls you out or away from it….whether it be something as strong as death…or an accident….or visions…..He will pull you back…..

People do not like this subject including saved Christians….I have never understand people who have Christ as their savior not be honest enough to talk about sin and what it actually is….how else did you come to Him as your savior?  But there are many who after a while get back into the world and forget about the actual sinfulness we face every single day….

We all have to face our True self……our True nature….for only when we face this can we truly see the Lords great love for us…..

There are many people today who blame God for Sin…they blame Him because of the belief and thinking that God created Sin because He created Satan….God created all things…so therefore he created the bad and evil things too….

I must first explain this concept because it is paramount to understanding how God works and who He truly is and who we truly are…..So many people have a hard time explaining this when asked by non-believers because technically it is true…God did create all things….

But here’s the answer that so many people are searching for…and while you may not like the answer … it doesn’t matter here on this earth, because the truth is in scripture….

It is all about the Knowledge of God and Man, and having Free Will/ Free Choice……GOD’s Choice and YOUR choice….

Knowledge of Good and Evil …..

What is good? God

What is Evil? Sin

Why would God place the tree for them to eat the fruit of?  It’s easy…to allow man to make a choice between God or their own self….

You see, God knew what was right and what was wrong.  The tree was representative of God’s way and man’s way….the good was God’s and the evil (sin) was man’s….Adam and Eve only had a concept of good because they were with God….it is when they made a choice to go against God…that they then had the knowledge of Evil: going against what was good, which was God.

God allowed evil (sin) to be created through the choice of His creations…..

Why did God give us a choice?

BECAUSE…….God wanted His creation to want Him and to Love Him……

God chose not to force us to love Him….He chose to give us a way out….He chose forgiveness….He chose to die…..He chose to give us a choice to accept or deny Him as God, as a creator…..He chose us even though He knew what would happen….Isn’t this Love?

In His Choice….we were given choices to create our own paths…..that is why He doesn’t force us to choose Him….but in that choice….we can choose the opposite of Him, which is death and Hell.

We do not know God in His entirety and we will never know Him in all ways…for He is God….what we do know is that He allowed all of this for the purpose of allowing us our Freewill/Choice….He wants us to want Him….He wants us to choose Him….He does not force that on us…..All He wants is for us to Love Him…..He does not want to make us love Him for how can forcing someone to love you show them your mercy, your love, your forgiveness?

Many people see God as cruel…because they believe He created them the way they are only to punish them for being what they are…..God allows us to go our own way….even if that way will lead to Hell….you cannot say He punishes us…because not all of us are punished….only those who turn away from accepting Him as their Father and Savior will be punished.

I am not claiming to understand God in everything or even understanding Him in every way….I can never know what God thinks or How He thinks, however…..I do believe the Holy Spirit allows us glimpses to understanding why He might have or does do certain things….I also believe that if we step outside of ourselves…read the Bible and see it from God’s eyes instead of our own…we can see the love….the hurt…..the pain….the anger….and yes…..the wrath of God and understand it.

Only when you have the Holy Spirit though can you even begin to see God for who He is…it is why people who do not believe will never understand and will always find a way to argue….

I cannot answer all things…because I am not God….why not go to God yourself?  We have all had to go to God….it is our choice to accept what He shows us and tells us is truth…..

You Have 2 Choices…..Stay a Sinner or Get Saved.

For those that do not have Christ as Savior….they will go on far into depravity (as we see today) that you wonder why God continues to wait….for the majority of all the children are, if it were not for God’s mercy would be, completely lost to Him in this world today.

In Conclusion

We are growing short on time in this day in age…..We were warned that in these days we would begin to see the start of the worst time for the human race.  So we are seeing Sin run rampant, and we understand that this is the Spirit of the Antichrist and that it will only grow worse, but we are to stay firm and teach; guide, anyone who is willing to listen to what Sin is and how to be saved from it.

Why did I feel the need to go into such detail?  Why didn’t I, or why couldn’t I, condense all of this…..’people will understand what I mean’….’people know what Sin is and really implies’…..

Do They Really?  Because I am of the belief that assuming is what started the whole problem to begin with….too many people have condensed it over and over again to a point where Sin is hardly ever preached about today….hardly ever taught to their children….and many have fallen into Sin because they do not fully understand how Sin can take over your life….even if you are saved.

If we were left to our own devices we would be such a depraved and wicked person because it would outweigh any conscience we have ….because the only goodness comes from Christ and when we don’t have Christ the only thing left in us is wickedness…and wickedness will take over…..

All of this information is for us as humans to realize how fallen we are from the Grace of God…..even those that are saved…..none of us are perfect, we don’t always make the right decisions or choices….and we fall into temptation and sin all thru out our lives.

In all of this is the greatness of God……this is why when we accept Jesus as our Savior and the Holy Spirit dwells within, we cannot lose the salvation we have obtained…..the Holy Spirit is connected to the Lord and we cannot be separated from Him ever again.

Sin is why Jesus died for us…..and once our hearts know the truth of the granted gift of grace to us…..our sins He washed from us…..cleansing all within us with His Glory.

Jesus became the bridge to righteousness in His resurrection, because we as humans will always until the day of redemption, forsake God’s ways and words often:

“For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.  Therefore as by the offense of one judgement came upon all men to condemnation even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life…..For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.” Romans 5:17-19

Only those of us who are saved by the grace of God, who is Jesus Christ…are we SAVED, saved from the sinfulness of our own nature….our own choices.

His blood was sinless and perfect …..and, if we but accept His sacrifice can we be free from the punishment of death that all sinfulness calls for.

In Jesus we live because He lives….in Jesus we are sinless, because He is sinless….In Jesus we are righteous, because He is righteous……

“And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more. Now where remission of these is, there is no more offering for sin. Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh;”                Hebrews 10:17-20

In Jesus Name we are Free….because we know the truth.

Death will come…will you die in your sins?

Or will you accept that Jesus Christ came to die for your sins?

If you choose to die in your sins…your death will reward you you’re Hell…but if you accept Jesus right now as your Savior…your saving grace….your reward will be a heaven far more than you can ever imagine.

It always will come to the same conclusion that it is YOUR Choice what to accept or deny…..


May the Glory be to God in all things and always.

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