The Holy Spirit and The Gift of Miracles

Part 7 – The Gift of Miracles

Most people tend to forget this gift….or they loop it in with the gift of healing, because healing can be a miracle itself; while this gift can go with every other gift, it’s also a gift all on its own.  This gift may seem like it is a rare gift to see or to have but as I will explain, this gift is more prominent than most people are aware.

Miracles usually happen in a way that is noticeable to all who are around to see it, as that is the purpose of a miracle, however, there are many unseen miracles as well, that you can only see if you pay attention.

The Bible is full of miracles….by the prophets, by Jesus Christ, by the apostles, and by the disciples (all miracles are done by and for God) ….There are so very many I can’t list them all here, but if you would like the list, you can go to:

Most people today have seen miracles but don’t really attribute them to God and sometimes think Man did the miracle….. And yet, if a person in fact did do the miracle, by what power did it come from? They can only come by one power, God’s power….Satan/demons can also show miracles by a demonic power…..however….  All power is given by God so even if Satan or any of his demons show wonders or miracles it is because God has granted and allowed it.

(I need to reiterate that no matter what Satan and his demons do; God always allows it for His good and the good for you.  I think it is very important to remember that all things are for the glorification of God including evil things, as God can turn all evil for good for He is GOD and is in control.)

What is a Miracle?

“an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs; an extremely outstanding or unusual event, or accomplishment; a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.”

To me a miracle is so much more than we can put a definition on…..Because a miracle consists of something that is unimaginable until it happens.

There is also a difference between a miracle and a blessing…while they are actually very similar, they are different in their power.  Many people will unwittingly call Miracles blessings and this is really not giving glory to power behind the Miracle.  We all do this at times because we have gotten so used to seeing blessings, we can’t always tell the difference, as to many of us miracles are these great instant shows of something extraordinary.

What is a Blessing?

“the act or words of one that blesses; approval, encouragement; a thing conductive of happiness or welfare; grace; God’s protection and favor.” 

In every blessing there could be a miracle, but in every Miracle there are one or many blessings.  While they can go hand in hand (as, many blessings may lead to a miracle); with Miracles, there are always blessings and cannot be separate, as I will explain below…

For Example –

People are blessed with children, giving birth, or adoption going smoothly and safely

A miracle – is how the child is made to begin with in order to be blessed with one…..It is a miracle that we start out smaller than a tadpole and become a baby, then a child, then a teenager, and then an adult.

(Some people who have trouble getting pregnant consider it a miracle to become with child, and yet who do they give the glory to?  It is rarely God, they think Man did it…..Man can do nothing without God….for God started and created it all.)

People can put blessings down to having good luck, having good fortune, having their loved ones watching over them, etc.….. And yes, even Satan can falsely bless who he wants to deceive…..his blessings always have a price you pay…..They forget it is God who grants blessings and it has to do with His purpose, His love, and care for us.

What is the Difference?

There are many times when a miracle happens and we aren’t even aware of it……. Have you ever been running late and when you got to where you were going realized that if you had  been a few moments earlier you might have been in an accident that  had happened on the road you traveled? 

This is a blessing, in the fact that you were late and missed the accident, but this is a miracle (not coincidence) in the fact, that this accident could have killed you, or your family, caused you to be hospitalized, caused you be paralyzed, so many other things, and yet by a blessing, a miracle occurred and you weren’t really even aware of it. (This has happened to my family numerous times in our lives, as we are all very early people, to the point if we are running late for any reason, we don’t panic anymore, we know God and the Angels are working for our good and there is always a reason, even if it isn’t apparent at the time.)

You might think this isn’t a miracle….but why not?  Wouldn’t anything preventing a death, or paralysis, or anything that might cause harm to us, a miracle? 

Miracles show the power of God to all who witness it. (I will do a blog later on the Power of God later) It is a power that goes above what we know and can do….

Let’s take Daniel and the Lion’s den (Daniel Ch. 6) as another example…..

Daniel was blessed in the respect that King Darius liked and cared for Daniel very much and prayed that Daniel’s God would deliver him.…. it was a Miracle that God shut the lions mouths in the den… order to deliver and show His power through Daniel.  Daniel knew he was blessed, but he didn’t know that being blessed would one day lead to a Miracle of not getting eaten by Lions.

A Miracle is something no man can do; it can only be done by the Holy Spirit that is God, in His time, In His way….God blessed Daniel with the care of the King, knowing that one day He would show a miracle by the Lions.  Just like today, God blesses us all every day with so many things, so that one day He can show a miracle thru us to ourselves, or to others.

What is the Gift of Miracles?

Now that we know what a miracle and a blessing is, what does the gift of miracles mean?

(Since we all have the Holy Spirit within us, He can do miracles at any time, and any place.  We do not have to be aware that He is working a Miracle thru us and sometimes He doesn’t even use us, but the angels around us.)

There are actually 4 types of miracle gifts, let me explain……

1- The Gift of Belief in Miracles –

People with this gift will receive it instantly. (You can also grow in this gift but sometimes it takes a very long time if it’s not granted instantly, because you don’t see them for what they are) This gift grants you the belief in the power of God at any moment, not only in your life but in other people’s life.  You don’t have to see miracles to believe in them.  Like the miracle of creation, and the miracle of the birth of Jesus. A person with this gift believes everything that is created is the miracle of God and they believe in praying for miracles as the Belief in Miracles always goes with the Gift of Faith.

This gift is also of the belief that miracles happen every day, to everyone, and at any second.

2- The Gift of Awareness in Miracles –

This gift allows saved people to be aware when a miracle occurs instantly, and sometimes they can even tell who God is using, either a person, an angel, or even allowing a demon to do said miracle.  These people, who have this gift, sometimes have the gift of discernment, as sometimes they can actually see the light around a person performing the miracle (anyone, who is saved, can be used to perform a miracle, for example, and EMT or a passerby at an accident)

People with the Gift of Awareness, will always be able to tell if the miracle being performed is of God, or a deceiving spirit.  (It is why the Lord warns us of the Anti-Christ and False prophets, as they will have power granted to them to perform wonders and miracles to deceive the world into thinking Satan is God.)  They can also see when angels are helping someone perform a miracle. (i.e. granting supernatural strength to pick something up….people who don’t believe in God will put this down as an adrenaline rush, and while sometimes you can get an adrenaline rush to help in certain situations, it is a different power when an angel or the Holy Spirit gives you strength) 

Another example of this is actually George Washington – did you know that there were at least 5 different occasions that he was in danger of being killed? Even his hat was supposedly shot off the top of his head, and yet he was never even scratched by bullets…..(there are other historical figures that this happened to as well) He put it down to Luck, but this was a miracle done by God, because God had a purpose for President George Washington.

A person with this gift will also be able to see other people who also have the Gift of Miracles; it is a knowing to go to that person out of a group of people to tell them they need to do a specific thing;

Most of time the people with the Gift of Awareness usually don’t perform miracles themselves, but are aware of who is capable around them through the Holy Spirit, they can also see the miracle as it is happening, or is going to take place in a few moments….

3- The Gift of Hidden Miracles

This is actually a gift that you don’t know if you have it or not…. What do I mean?

There are people who are granted by the Holy Spirit to be in a certain place at a certain time in order to prevent, help, or just be present so that the Holy Spirit or the Angels can work a miracle. This person is not aware they are the cause or the aide of said miracle…. (Usually they think it was someone else and not them that helped create a miracle with God.)

For example – you are in a room full of people and the roof starts collapsing, you yourself don’t even know how but everyone gets our safely and no harm came upon anyone….You carry the Holy Spirit who had the angels create a miracle by getting everyone our safely and you won’t even be aware of it….sometimes people with this gift, will also be a lone survivor in certain situations… other times, you may notice that throughout  your life you have been in numerous situations that could have turned bad, but by the Grace of God, you and others or family members always came out unscathed….this is the Hidden gift of Miracles….

You may have someone in your family like this, or a friend, or it could even be you….the only way to know is to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you, or to have a person with discernment and the gift of awareness to tell you.  (The Lord, for His Purpose, will not always show you or want you to know until a certain time, even if that time will be at the Bema seat.)

4- The Gift of God’s Power (a portion)

All Miracles and Blessings fall under the Power of God….people who are granted Gods Power, are granted with the power, by word, by thought, by sight, and by touch to do miracles…..These people are very, very rare and in all honesty I don’t believe any exist today, to find….they know they have this gift, for this gift includes every gift of the Holy Spirit.  For in order to use this gift, God is in complete control of you and your life, where He tells you to go, you go, what He tells you to do, you do.  You understand, you know, you never question, never doubt.  (One day we will all have this gift when we receive our glorified bodies….)

There are a few examples of this Gift in scripture, but I want to use Stephen as an example……While other followers of Jesus had numerous gifts and could do healing, Stephen was mentioned specifically for his countenance, faith, power, wonders, and miracles.

“And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people.” Acts 6:8

“And all that sat in the council, looking stedfastly on him; saw his face as it had been the face of an angel” Acts 6:15

“But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God, and said Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of Man standing on the right hand of God.” Acts 7: 55-56

“And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep.” Acts 7:59-60

I personally believe that Stephen was near and dear to the Holy Spirit…..even though his life is not expounded on in the bible; I believe God has His reasons why.  The way I read that scripture reminds me of King David and Daniel, the love and faith Stephen had for the Lord…..oh to have that faith…..that great love….that our spirits shine so bright that unsaved people who look upon us….see’s the light of God within us.

Another part of this gift is God using Angels to create miracles in your life when needed.  If you have ever been in a situation where someone seems to appear out of nowhere, perhaps even saving your life, only to disappear and no one saw them but you….This is usually always an angel…..God allows our guardian angels to help Him bless us and to help Him create miracles for us…..How Great God’s power is, because it comes from His great love.

Do you see the Miracles of God?

Most people consider a miracle to be something so profound, that it doesn’t happen often, however, if you but pay attention, miracles are occurring every day, every second; Not only to you but to others.

We don’t always see miracles for what they are and give God the credit He deserves.  Do you realize what a miracle you are? Do you realize how precious your breath is?  Your brain is a miracle in itself, for it does not need to be told what to do by you, but by God who created it…….

“But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.” Luke 12:7

Every breath you take gives oxygen to your muscles, is this not a miracle? The Honey bees that feed on the nectar of flowers to make edible sweet honey, is this not a miracle?  The earth, sun, moon, and stars, are they not miracles? The Almighty God, who knows each of us inside and out, who created our souls, spirits, and flesh… this not a miracle?  The Lord Jesus Christ, who was born of a virgin, and loved us so much to die for our sins……is this not the greatest miracle of all? 

If you but look around you, you will be amazed at all the miracles of God that are constantly happening in the world….and the miracle of the world itself

Take time to see the world and God with new eyes everyday……You will begin to see the majesty of God, and once you start to see it, you will never forget…….

“Be still and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

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