The Holy Spirit and the Gift of Healing

Part 4 – The Gift of Healing

Before I go into detail of this Gift, I wanted to take a moment to explain that this gift is probably abused the most by false teachers and demons.  I think the reason is because we are human and don’t like to be in pain and we want a fast answer to help cure us.

This brings about the gullibility and the want to believe in people who claim they have the gift to heal…..while some religions and some people may have something similar, if they make a big show out of it or tell you they can’t heal you because your belief in healing is not strong enough or have enough faith…. All of these fall under the demonic false gift of healing. These healing’s typically do not last, will not work on saved believers, and sometimes will attach a demon to you. (Not possession but an oppressing demon) which in turn will cause more harm physically, mentally, or spiritually to you.

The people who are granted the Gift of Healing from the Lord, will most likely not say anything until they, in fact, healed you or it is more word of mouth; they do not go around professing they are healers….

You need to be very careful and use discernment to always test the person and the spirit behind them…..

Let’s Get Started…..

How many of us would love to be able to heal people like Jesus did, or Paul, or any of the apostles….. I know when I was younger I always thought how I would like to heal people…..what I didn’t understand at the time that I do now, is that all saved Christians will use a gift of healing at some time or another based on the need of the people around us and based on what the Lord wants done at certain given moments.

(Sometimes we aren’t even aware of our healing gift or aware that we may have helped heal a person)

I think the most important thing is not to always know, or be aware, of our gifts…..but to allow the Holy Spirit within us to utilize that gift with or without our awareness.  That is how we can help others, ourselves, and how the Lord can reach the lost.

We don’t always understand or know how the Holy Spirit works though us to reach another person….it is why no matter where we are, or who we are with that we should always be thinking about how we can help someone see the truth of the Lord, bring them closer to Him… or help them grow in their spiritual journey with Him.

To explain the gift of healing I need to go over the different types of healing and I hope you find this informative and comforting… you realize how God can utilize all of His Children….

You see, when you get saved, sometimes the Holy Spirit will guide you down certain paths of healing, at times, the Holy Spirit will use the talents and knowledge you already have and He will fine tune them, or grant a gift to match those talents, or give you a different gift altogether…….but we must remember that the Lord knows us well and what we can and can’t handle; and only He knows what talents can become gifts to use for His glory……

There are many people when they get saved who receive the gift of healing in either a physical, mental, or spiritual way.  Some unsaved people may seem (or look like) they have these gifts (false gifts) as well, but theirs will never last and sometimes they harm another person more, because behind their ‘so-called’ gift is not the Holy Spirit but a demonic spirit.

For how can you heal anyone if you don’t understand the purpose behind the healing to begin with?

Unbelievers can also have many of the same talents as saved people for we all have talents from birth but these talents do not grow they stay the same (stagnate) unless the unbeliever gets saved, only then can God decide what to do with the their talents.

What is Healing?

You have 2 different healing’s: one is God’s Healing and one is Man’s Healing…..The definition below is a combination of both.

“To cure of a disease or wound and restore to soundness, or to that state of body in which the natural functions are regularly performed; as, to heal the sick.  To remove or subdue; to restore purity to; to reconcile differences; to forgive; to purify corruptions, to redress grievances;"

God’s Healing- is out of His Love for His creation to get the lost to see His love and mercy so they will want to believe in Him and to know Him….. and to help the saved grow in Him.

Man’s Healing – is usually only to the ailments of the body, and usually is never long lasting.  Man cannot heal without medicine, or knowledge of the Human body, or other man-made things.

God can heal the body because He knows that the mental and the spiritual co-inside with the physical body and He can heal them all.  He doesn’t need medicine, or anything else, He can heal with a thought, with a word.

(But what Glory would that bring Him? For only people who know Him would even know He healed them.  Others would think it was man that did the healing, medicine that healed them, food that healed them, etc.)

This is why the Lord through His Spirit grants His children these gifts, in order to show His love and power thru us.

Let’s go into Detail

There are so many different types of healing but there are 3 main groups of healing.  You have Physical Healing, Mental Healing, and Spiritual Healing.

Do you realize that we are all born with talents…..God created us that way so that when we receive Him as our savior He can turn those talents into Gifts to use for His purpose.  Sometimes He will grant you more gifts to go with your talents. (I personally believe that until you receive the Holy Spirit….you will never unlock the full potential of your talents….)

There is a distinction between talents and gifts……

  • What is a talent – a natural aptitude or skill; something you are born with.
  • What is a skill – something you can gain over time with practice.
  • What is a gift – something given willfully without payment; endow to someone.

Everyone is born with a talent; everyone can gain skills….but only those who get saved can receive a gift for life.

You have a talent in singing, you can gain more range in your singing by practicing and this becomes a skill…..But if the Holy Spirit grants you the gift of singing….There are saved people who when they sing….you can feel the Lord within them.  You can get goosebumps, chills, and an overwhelming feeling of love….even non-believers can feel the spirit, but not always understand that is what they are feeling or experiencing….they’ll just put it down as a ‘soul singer’.

God is so amazing in His omniscience (all-knowingness) that He can grant you a gift for specific people. Or even for a specific person.

Let’s continue…..

1- Gift of Calmness and Peace

Some people receive this instantaneously and others can grow in this gift.  The gift of calmness and peace is one that helps bring calm and peace to situations, calm others down who are agitated, can calm pets and babies down, etc.  People with this gift can hold a baby and the baby will calm down and sometimes go right to sleep, children are never leery of this person…I am sure you have seen babies that won’t go to strangers until one comes up that they cling to.  Usually this person has the calmness gift.  The same thing will happen with animals. You will notice when this person is around the animals are not so active, but more calm.

For people who have stress and anxiety, a person with this gift can make them feel comforted by just being around as people with this gift will absorb others anxiety energy. (It usually won’t affect them.)

People with this gift, are very rarely upset themselves.  They stay calm in any given situation and can de- escalate tense situations.

This gift can fall under all three types of healing, as you can calm someone physically by touching their hand, you can bring peace to someone mentally by calming their worries, and you can calm their spirit, by just being there.

2- Gift of Authority

These people can use words to bring peace and healing to the physical, mental, and spiritual.  The words they speak have a tone that is hard to understand, but it resonates inside people so they find themselves listening to them and feeling better. 

This also falls in with gift of prayer, for people with this gift can pray over you or for you and you will be healed from any physical, mental, or spiritual torment.  These people use words to cast away demons from around you and themselves for they have the power of authority and the words of scripture.

3- Gift of Touch

This is the gift most people associate with the gift of healing.  People with this gift are known as, ‘Hands on,’ healers.  They can heal the body by touching another person.  Not only can they physically heal any ailments, by either touching that part of the body, they can also use energy between them to help pinpoint where healing is needed.

When this person touches someone, usually any ailment a person has disappears, so if you have a knee that has pain, you may realize after a while that your pain is gone. 

People with this gift can touch a person and if that person has a demon attached to them in anyway, the demon will have to leave…. (This doesn’t mean the demon won’t come back, but it will not be able to bear the touch of this person)

4- Gift of Sight

This gift sometimes will go with the gift of touch, but not always, as there are 2 ways of healing or helping to heal a person with the gift of sight…..

People with this gift can touch someone and see in their mind where they are hurting physically, they can see cancer, they can see hearts, they can see blood clots, etc. (really they are sometimes better than an MRI/X-ray machine) They can concentrate on the problem and heal the person or if they don’t’ have the gift of touch they can tell the person to tell their doctor to check specifically for certain things.

The other way this gift works, is that these people can just look at a person (even at random) and immediately know what is wrong with them and how to fix/heal them. So if someone comes up to you and tells you to go get checked because they felt compelled to tell you they see something….you might want to listen…..

5- Gift of Knowing

People with this gift can sense, or feel what is wrong with a person, by just being around them.  This gift is rarely for physical pain/ailments, as this gift is more for the spiritual and mental healing. They can sense demonic attacks that can give pain to people, as well as spiritual attacks on the mind, and know exactly how to heal the person.  People with this gift typically cannot heal the person themselves (except by praying for them) but will recommend what they need to do.  They have no doubt in their knowing and are always right with what is wrong….. 

Also, these people can listen to someone talk and know where the problems are, and what is causing their problem, whether it is something they are eating, or taking, or if it is demonic in nature.

Most of these people heal others by teaching them to change certain things they are doing in their life, listening to their body and what it is telling them….what you may be allergic to, eat certain foods to help your ailments, etc….

(This gift can fall under Holistic Healing)

6- Gift of Love

There are some that receive this gift either instantaneously, or you can grow in this gift as well.

This gift can go with the gift of calmness, but can be a gift all on its own.  People who have this gift is very affectionate, with hugs, kisses, holding of the hands, and touching the shoulders or back.  When these people touch you, you feel warmth and sometimes a serene feeling….it is a very comforting touch. 

Sometimes this gift can cause discomfort to unsaved believers, the reason being, is because their spirit is rebelling against the Holy Spirit within this person.  Saved believers know when a person with this gifts hugs them, we can feel the great love inside this person and we know it’s coming from the Holy Spirit.

(Babies are also very in-tune to these people, they love them very much and want to be around them more than any other person.)

One thing I have noticed about more of the gifts of healing is that babies and children always gravitate towards these people and I personally believe it is because they are closer to God in their innocent selves and see people for who they are.  Such is the kingdom of God….

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

People with this gift have an unconditional love for others, not only family but all people.  They will also give up their life for others, no matter the situation, no matter what might happen, they sacrifice themselves….

Those with this gift are very empathic, compassionate, and very emotional.  You see, because of their great love, they feel the pain of others and will cry with/for them.  This gift is can be called the crying gift…..because they spend a lot of their time crying in joy, happiness, sorrow, pain for not only for others but great worshipful love for the LORD.

If you have ever seen someone get so emotional during hymn singing or certain sermons, this person usually will have the gift of love. If you yourself get overwhelmed at times, you might have this gift as well, or the Holy Spirit is trying to show you something…..either about yourself, the Lord, or someone near you.

Do you realize your gift of healing?

We all need to understand that the Holy Spirit within us knows when someone needs a healing touch, healing words, or love.  Every one of us, at work, at home, at school, at some time or another in our lives, have been utilized by the Lord to help/heal someone.

It is a portion of God’s power that is given to His children instantaneously or at any given time of need to Glorify Him and show His great love.

(For the people who have these gifts, they usually know they have them, know they received them from the Holy Spirit and make it very clear to anyone they help or heal, that it is not them that healed them but the Lord)

You can always pray to the Lord and ask Him for more growth in gifts….because I am of the belief that the more we grow in Christ, the more He grants us more of His wisdom, knowledge, understanding, healing, discernment, etc. 

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Philippians 2:13

 “Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith and power: That the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorifies in you, and ye in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.” 2 Thessalonians 1:11

All of these gifts are for the Lord and for us to witness to others.

I want to make a clear point….

Not everyone will stay healed….this has nothing to do with how strong your faith is… can be for you to get some relief for a while….God may not allow healing for His own purposes….sometimes your pain is a witness to others, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive healing for physical ailments.

I can tell you, you will always receive some type of healing out of those three, because your spirit with the Holy Spirit is what can get you through the tough physical pain.  You may not even realize that your mentality was healed so you could find strength in the Lord to get you through your pain.  Your Spirit was healed with calmness so you know that the physical pain will not last and you will be ready to go when He calls…..

So you must understand how God can work, does work, and how He heals something in you all the time.  It just isn’t always how we want or how we think it should be done.

Take Heart He is always there going through with you in everything… are never alone.

“And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8

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