Hello, and welcome to my blog Understanding The Word.  This is my very first blog so I am still in the process of learning about how all of this works.

After lots of prayer time with the Lord, I have made the decision to create this blog.

The reason for this blog is to create a place where people can come for information to help them understand the scripture of the bible about Jesus Christ.  I am a person who cares if you go to Heaven or Hell, but I am only a messenger for the Lord and I am just like you an average everyday person who lives my life as best can, albeit with the Lords help.

At this time more and more saved believers are feeling the pull of the Holy Spirit to get the word out that Jesus is coming soon.  It’s not just about that though, the Lord wants His sheep and the lost to know who He is.  The lost, He wants to tell them He is their Savior.  His sheep; He wants us to want to grow in His word and understand who He is, so many of us grieve the Holy Spirit within us because we are caught up in the world and forget to spend time with the Lord.  If we seek Him, He has so much to teach us….

We are all on a journey learning more about the Lord, and I hope for as long as we are able, that you will go on this journey with me in Understanding The Word, as The Word is Jesus Christ….

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