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Understanding The Rapture (Part 5)

History, Comfort, and Promises The True History of the teachings of the Rapture There is argument that John Nelson Darby coined (created) the Rapture interpretations from scripture in 1833, however….I do not follow man, I follow Christ and I refer to scripture and the Holy Spirit for everything……so that is what I will base the … More Understanding The Rapture (Part 5)

Understanding the Rapture (Part 4)

The Second Coming While there are many people all over social media who talk about this very subject and do a wonderful job….I also want to get the information out to any who will listen and any who have a rational, logical, common sense mind….to explain the difference between these two. I hope this is … More Understanding the Rapture (Part 4)

Understanding The Rapture (Part 3)

The Church and Israel The Church vs. Israel (Replacement theology) Before we can understand what the purpose of the Rapture is, we must first understand the difference between the Church (Bride and Body of Christ) and Israel…as there are false teachings regarding this and state that The Church has replaced Israel….a word of warning….whoever believes … More Understanding The Rapture (Part 3)